Who I am
My name is Marius Nistor, and I live in Constanta, Romania. I’m a professional photographer.

My passion for the photography was started in the childhood, when I was 14 years, and I’ve acquired my first photo camera with film. After I’ve learned how to use it and how to properly shot different subjects, I wanted to do the photos better and better, and so, I have start learning about colors composition, exposure, placing elements in the scene, shot techniques, etc…

As a professional, I was started with portrait photography and continued with the fashion photography.

The fashion photography was my chance to learn and improve my skills, and to prove what I can do. In the years of 2013 and 2014, I worked with Fashion TV Summer Festival, and I was awarded with the Special Award of Fashion and Events Photographer.

From the fashion photography to the wedding photography, was a simple step, naturally otherwise, in 2013.

I am very passionate by my work, and I do my best to take the best shots, even if it seems to be impossible. I really love the perfection!

I am available to travel for your event or your photo session, even outside my country, because I like to travel in order to see new great places and meet new people.

The photo sessions may be held at my photo studio or different locations.

For a price offer, please contact me.

My philosophy
Best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
Goals & values
  1. As close to perfect as possible. Keep trying.

  2. Any photography must tell a story.

  3. Nothing random in the frame.